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  • Ingress protection - certified to IP65 rating in use, and certified to IP67 rating with cleaning kit in place.
  • Sleek, considered surfaces for ease of decontamination.
  • Lightweight - complete system weighs just 2.55lbs. -Gas cartridge/filter range: Includes OV/AG/HE and Multi-Gas cartridges, and A2P, ABE1P, ABEK1P filters.
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery,lasts 12+ hours on fan speed 1 (low), 9+ hours on fan speed 2 (medium) and 8+ hours on fan speed 3 (high).
  • Several belt configurations available - waist mount with easy clean decon or FR rated belt, and a backpack assembly with easy clean decon straps or FR rated straps.

Watch the RPB PX5 in action HERE!