Setting up Your Blast Pot

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Compressed Air and Abrasive Consumption Chart


Compressed Air Moisture Separator vs Compressed Air Dryer?

Not sure? You're not alone. Many manufacturers, offer both moisture separators and dryers. Yet these two types of equipment have very different characteristics. It's important to understand the difference when presenting air treatment options to a customer. READ MORE...

How do I choose and airless tip?

The size of an airless fluid tip will depend on the following:

  • The fluid delivery requirements.
  • The size of the pattern required.
  • The viscosity of the material being sprayed.
  • The type and amount of solids in the material beings sprayed.
  • The type of filtration in the system.
  • The pump pressure available


Winterizing your Pressure Washer

Most people don't winterize their pressure washer, more precisely their pump. Left over liquid in the pump freezes when temperatures drop, expands, and then causes real damage. So if you want to get the maximum life out of your pump and don't want to purchase a new pump or pay for pump repair parts, following these instructions to winterize your pressure washer could save you time and money. READ MORE...

Blast Hose Sizing

To efficiently convey air-driven abrasive from the blast machine to the nozzle, blast hose should have sufficient inner diameter and be kept as short as possible. READ MORE...

Air Flow is Critical for Your Blast Operation

Choose an air compressor that will generate a steady flow at high pressure and high volume, and that is built to withstand the environmental conditions found at a blast site. For blasting, oil-free rotary vane and screw compressors are the best.

Select a compressor that will satisfy your current and anticipated demands, with enough reserve to compensate for nozzle wear. The compressor is the workhorse of a blasting system. Do not run it at maximum power for long periods as this will accelerate wear. READ MORE...