Potters Metal Finishing Glass Beads

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Potters Metal Finishing Glass Bead Media is consumed at a slow rate and can survive multiple impacts, allowing for continuous recycling of the media. This product is chemically inert and will not leave ferrous or other undesirable residues on the surface of the workpiece and cleans quickly without significant metal removal.

Used for:

  • Cleaning

  • Finishing

  • Peening

  • Deburring

Available grades:

Coarse Beads: Remove larger, tougher soils; peen to more intense levels, peen to deeper zones in surface; produce higher surface RA; produce brighter surface; consume faster at same pressure as fine beads; in practice, may consume slower than fine beads.

Fine Beads: Remove smaller, lighter soil; more impacts per pound; clean faster; peen to less intense levels; peen outer zones of surfaces; reach into keyways, filletes and small areas; produce lower surface RA; produce matte finish; consume slower at same pressure as coarse beads; in practice, may consume faster than coarse beads.

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