MBX® Pneumatic Bristle Blaster

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The MBX® Pneumatic Bristle Blaster is an innovative surface preparation  power tool that removes corrosion and gennerates an anchor profile in a single step. the patented MBX® accelerator bar is the basis for achieving roughnesses on steel or stainless steel and other materials (2.7 - 3.3 mil) as well as surface cleaniness according to SA 2.5 / SA 3, comprable to conventional blasting results. The patented air cooling system increases the service life of the flexible MBX® Bristle Blaster® belts. The unique design of the bristles allows them to retract after a single strike, removing coating scale and corrosion, imparting a profile but not grinding or polishing the surface.

See the Montipower Bristle Blaster In Action HERE!