Clemco Wetblast Injector Systems

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The Clemco Wetblast Injector System adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any blast machine with a pump-driven system that injects water into the abrasive stream before it exits the nozzle. Clemco's Wetblast Injector System introduces water into the abrasive before it exits the nozzle so that each abrasive particle is wet. This feature greatly improves blast surface visibility for the operator and outperforms water ring systems. Model 05500 fits nozzles with 1 1/4" thread, 1" entry and is a One-Operator System. (For SSD, SJD, SSR, SJR, CSD, CJD, TSP & TJP nozzles). Order nozzles separately.

Please contact CESCO'S knowledgeable customer service team at 888-772-3726 for information on additional One-operator and Two-operator Systems.