Black Beauty®

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The Original Black Beauty® Abrasives

  • Low free silica – less than 0.1% compared to sand at up to 99% free silica
  • Fast Cutting
  • Consistent gradation
  • Low Dusting
  • Meets industry abrasive specifications and environmental standards – including SSPC AB1, MIL-A-22262B(SH) and 40CFR 261.24a (TCLP)
  • Moisture free – will not rust, pack or attract dampness
  • Give a high degree of etch for better bonding


Medium: For general purpose repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint and rust, structural steel, mill scale and aggregate exposure.

Fine: For new construction, light paint and rust removal and for special maintenance applications requiring reduces profiles. Bridge maintenance, light mill scale, paint and rust, new structural steel.

X-Fine: To clean surfaces and create a smooth finish, brush-off blast, or in a high pressure water blast system.

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