Aqua Miser D115-III

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CESCO manufactures the Aqua Miser family of high pressure water blasters and equipment.

The Ultra BOSS D115-III is the “definition” of portable power!  The D115-III is a rugged, self-contained, go-anywhere, do-anything, high-pressure water-jet system, requiring only a garden hose as a source of water.  This mobile, trailer-mounted, high-pressure water-jetting system is capable of blasting pressures up to 40,000psi @ 3.47gpm.

The D115-111-M features the patented BOSS abrasive injection system that will provide a white metal blast while using 1/10th the amount of sandblasting and generating zero dust. Use baking soda to degrease or clean delicate surfaces without etching the surface.

Available to purchase or rent.

Please contact our customer service specialist for detailed information at 888-772-3726 or email INFO@AQUAMISER.COM or visit WWW.AQUAMISER.COM