Apollo 60 High Pressure Respirator

Apollo 60 HP less respirator hose with constant flow connector. The Apollo 60 features double-shell construction, sound-deadening foam, and large window. The Apollo 60 is NIOSH-approved, and protects against lead dust at concentrations 1000 times greater than the permissible exposure limit. The Apollo 60 HP is a Type CE, continuous-flow, supplied-air respirator for abrasive blasting, to be used with compressed air source. The high visibility red helmet has a full-view window, and awaist-length protective cape.

  • CO Monitor Required: OSHA requires Grade D quality breathing air and NIOSH-approved Type CE continuous-flow supplied-air respirators for abrasive blast operators. OSHA regulations call for a maximum exposure limit to carbon monoxide of 10 parts per million (ppm).

  • APPLICATION ALERT: This respirator is not approved for use in any atmosphere immediately dangerous to life or health or from which the wearer canot escape without the aid of the respirator. Consult the product literature and owner's manuals for information concerning the proper function, use, and maintenance of this respirator.